Does Facebook Marketing Still Work in 2019?

Hi guys it’s been Heath from lead guru and in this video i’m gonna answer a big question and that’s does facebook marketing still work in 2019 now I have a lot of people ask me and they talk about the fact that organic Reach has really dropped off on Facebook in the last two years and it has and that the cost of Facebook advertising is a lot more expensive now than it was five six years ago and that’s also true but a resource answer-the does Facebook marketing still work question I’ve got a few screenshots that I want to show you now this is on the home page of our website I can include a link in the video description in case you want to check these out yourself I just wanna quickly go through them so here’s the first company these are all campaigns about show you that have been run in the last 12 months so they’re very relevant and current now for this company we spent over a hundred thousand pounds hundred two thousand pounds on Facebook ads that

generated fifteen thousand seven hundred ninety seven leads for a cost per lead of six pounds fifty each now six pound fifty cost per lead bearing in mind that this business’s average customer value is three thousand pounds is a fantastic return on investment very very profitable for this campaign they obviously operate at some scale to generate that many leads and be able to actually service that much business okay move on to the next one so that’s a service based company now we’ve got an e-commerce company with this business we spent quite a bit less twenty six thousand five hundred pounds on Facebook ads but that generated over half a million pounds five hundred eleven power I’m five hundred eleven thousand pounds in revenue that’s a return on adspend of nineteen pound thirty-one it’s a fantastic return on adspend it means that for every pound they spend on Facebook ads this company is generating 19 pound thirty-one in revenue as a result just quickly onto a third one this is another lead based company operates at a smaller scale we spent just over twenty thousand pounds this company but that

generated seventeen thousand four hundred and seventy pounds for an average cost per lead of one pound seventeen now they’re average customer value is not as high as this company up here so they can’t afford to a pay quite as much per lead but you’re probably looking an average customer value here of five hundred to a thousand pounds so one pound seventeen per lead is absolutely fantastic so these screenshots show that absolutely Facebook marketing can work where this important points are really quickly want to cover organic reach on Facebook has basically disappeared you will not get your stuff in front of people for free by just posting it to your Facebook page Facebook groups things like that you have to pay to promote your products and services you’ll notice that all three of these here they’re all Facebook ad campaigns so you have to advertise if you’re

marketing on Facebook if you’re interested in Facebook marketing you need to advertise your products or services the second thing I’ll say is that just because yes Facebook marketing does work it works fantastically right now in 2019 it will continue to do so for many years time that doesn’t mean that just because you advertise your product or services on this platform the Facebook marketing will work for you and in order to make Facebook marketing work for you you need to be offering something that people are

legitimately interested in that means it has to be better or different at least to a lot of your competition that could be based on price that could be based on payment terms that could be something new and innovative there’s a whole different ways you can make something better or different but it needs to stand out to work you also need a well-crafted Facebook ad campaign so advertising on Facebook is a skill and just like any other skill it takes time to develop that and it takes expertise to develop that if you don’t have it yourself work with someone else they need to know what sort of campaign objective to use the right targeting options how to put and creative imagery videos copy together to get that ad campaign to perform well once you’ve got those things in place a well skilled well crafted Facebook ad campaign a great offer that is genuinely better or different your competition then Facebook marketing is likely to work fantastically well for you in 2019 in future years and it can be an amazing source of business because of how many people

use Facebook on a daily basis now it you’ve seen that video you know that if you want to be marketing your business on Facebook if you’re interested in Facebook marketing you need to be advertising on Facebook so to help you do that I’ve created a five-part Facebook ad template that you can download right now for free now this it contains some of the best performing outs we’ve created for a number of different businesses you’ve got model from those ads you can take a look at them we’ve broken the each ad down explain what we’ve included why should really help you if you’re looking to advertise your business on Facebook so go ahead and download that’s completely free click on the link in the video description that’ll take you to a page on our website and you can download it there so hopefully this video has been useful if the please give it a thumbs up don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for more Facebook advertising related content if you’ve got any questions comments leave them below I will answer them if you if facebook marketing is working really well for you great pop out in the comments below if it hasn’t worked for in the past and you’re convinced that Facebook marketing doesn’t work in 2019 again pop that in the comments below I’ll be happy to sort of answer that and see where you may have may have gone wrong and maybe I ought to make it work for your business go ahead and download the five part Facebook ad template you’ll find it really useful and that bye for now thanks a lot guys

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